We take a holistic approach to helping you develop your public speaking skills, which can mean building your confidence, or specific communication skills, through private coaching. We have a range of coaches and specialists who offer bespoke 1-to-1 support in all areas related to public speaking. You can book just one hour of support or a series of sessions. To find out more, give us a call on 0207 525 9501, or email us at hello@lovepublicspeaking.org.

  • “The trainer was very inspirational and motivating. She made me feel determined and empowered to keep going and enjoy being challenged.”A. Hodgeson
  • LOVED IT!  “You made me feel powerful.  Thank you.”

    – M. Sachkova, Communications Officer

Private Coaching

Need to develop your public speaking skills but prefer private coaching to joining courses? Want to get some expert feedback on a presentation you’ve got coming up? We offer coaching via face-to-face sessions, or Skype if it’s more convenient. In these sessions, you will do practical speaking exercises to develop your presenting style. View details

Confidence coaching

Low self-confidence can be debilitating, affecting your career, relationships and your ability to take on new challenges. Confidence coaching helps you challenge your limiting beliefs and build up your self-esteem over time.

Pre-Presentation Skype Call

Do you need a practise run-through ahead of your presentation?

Want to practise some strategies for managing nerves and get into the right state of mind to present?

Book this one-hour Skype call for an all-important dry run and get a powerful pep talk just before you go on stage.  View details

Speech writing support

Have you got an important speech coming up? Whether you are looking to write a witty best man’s speech or a persuasive professional talk, our talented speech writers can work with you to create something special.

Accent reduction and elocution

Your accent is part of who you are, but a strong accent can make it harder to get your message across. Through accent coaching, you can develop greater clarity and accuracy in your spoken English, so you won’t have to say everything twice.

Life coaching

Feel like you’re in need of a change but aren’t sure what will make you happy? Life coaching involves finding out what your core values are and what makes you tick. Once you’ve got clarity on that, you can create the right goals and a solid action plan for meeting them.

Mindfulness coaching

Mindfulness, the art of staying in the present moment, is a powerful way to manage nerves when public speaking. Rather than allowing your mind to wander onto how you’re being judged, you can learn how to stay focused on your message and make a genuine connection with your audience.

Presentation Content Preparation

Do you have a big presentation coming up that you need help with? In our team, we have storytelling experts who have who have trained TEDX speakers in how to produce compelling presentation content. Let us help you create a presentation that blows your audience away.

Voice coaching

Voice is a critical element of charisma. Perhaps the content of your presentations is good, but it’s not having the impact you want it to have. Maybe you speak too quietly, too quickly or struggle to get intonation into your voice. Through voice coaching, you can learn how to use your voice to improve its quality and impact.