Pre-Presentation Skype Call

Practice your presentation to get valuable feedback, and get a powerful pep talk before you go on stage

Ahead of your presentation, you can have a Skype call with us to run through your presentation, practise strategies for managing nerves, and get you into the right state of mind to present with confidence and flair.

The Skype call will last 1-2 hours depending how much support is needed and how long your presentation is, and the rate is £70 per hour.  You can book this a week in advance, or have it on the morning of your presentation.  (If you prefer to get help in person, we also offer private coaching.)

The format of the call is flexible as you may wish to focus on specific areas, such as handling nerves, or getting more range into the pitch of your voice when you present.  An example call format is outlined below.


  • Begin by exploring specific anxiety triggers relating to the presentation in order to articulate the key issues and rationalise them, thereby taking control
  • Practise strategies for managing stage fright, including physical exercises
  • Learn how to manage negative self-talk and run through new positive mantras to start using
  • Practise using body language and voice techniques through speaking exercises
  • Dry run of presentation with constructive feedback (usually two run-throughs)
  • Finish with a powerful 5 minute positive visualisation exercise to leave you ready to go on stage

These calls can be booked any day of the week from 6am – 11pm. To book a Skype call, please email or call 0773 605 1566.

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