Private Coaching for Presentation Skills

1:1 coaching for individuals to develop public speaking skills and confidence

We offer private coaching for when you prefer to work 1-to-1, which you can do either in person, or over a video call.

We’ll have an initial consultation over the phone to gain a clear of understanding of what you want to achieve, before we design a bespoke coaching programme with relevant guidance and speaking exercises to help you meet your goals.  This can be anything from a 1.5 hour session to a 6 month coaching programme depending on your needs and budget.

Private coaching can include:

  • Practising a prepared presentation to get feedback on content and/or delivery
  • Vocal exercises to improve intonation, quality and pitch range of voice
  • Body language exercises to present with confidence and gravitas
  • Practical tips for managing nerves and building confidence
  • Guidance on preparing material for compelling pitches/presentations
  • Using video playback to develop your personal presenting style
  • A 3-month action plan to develop your speaking skills and confidence (through every day activities, inside and outside of work) to continue making progress after the session

As part of the service, you’ll receive:

  • A NLP-based positive visualisation audio to listen to at home before big presentations/pitches (5, 10 and 15 minute versions)
  • Public speaking handbook with practical tips and advice

To book a consultation

Call us on 0773 605 1566 or email us at



£80 per hour
£250 per half day
£450 per day


£120 per hour
£400 per half day
£800 per day

Our minimum booking is 1.5 hours for coaching via a video call, or 2 hours for face-to-face coaching.

Coaching options

You can book an individual session or a series of sessions if you’re seeking a more significant transformation in confidence and speaking style.  Discounts will apply for more long-term support.  Corporate packages are also available where private coaching is needed for multiple staff members.

Starter package (recommended)

You have the option to create a training programme that suits you and your schedule, but many people opt for our standard starter package:

2 x 1 hour sessions:

  • Your first session will involve learning tips for managing nerves, learning key public speaking techniques, before putting them into practice through speaking exercises.
  • Your second session will focus purely on speaking exercises with detailed, constructive feedback so you can cut out bad speaking habits and build on your natural strengths.

Further coaching is available if you decide to continue advancing your skills after the starter package.  You can also accelerate your progress by practising public speaking in groups on our day course.

Support in other areas

Within the Love Public Speaking team, we have a range of experts with different specialisms so that we can help our clients master all areas relating to public speaking. Occasionally with private coaching, other experts will be brought in to help where needed. This could include support in the following areas:

  • Presentation and pitch preparation
  • Speech writing
  • Accent reduction coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for anxiety management
  • Confidence coaching
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Executive communications
  • Life coaching
  • Media interviews
  • Leadership and people management skills

For further information, email us at