Level 2 Course: Speaking with Impact

Delivering powerful keynotes and presentations at conferences

In this one day workshop, you will learn how to present at conferences with confidence, flair and gravitas. You’ll spend the morning honing your personal speaking technique and delivery style, and the afternoon learning how to create compelling content for keynotes and presentations, before practising delivering them to the group where you will receive constructive feedback on your presenting style.


10.00am — Course opens 

Introductions and setting key outcomes for the day

Morning: developing your personal speaking style

1 minute impromptu speaking exercise + feedback

Key public speaking techniques

  • Dos and don’ts when presenting
  • Tips for managing public speaking nerves
  • Practising positive self-talk and visualisation ahead of a presentation to enhance performance
  • Body language and voice techniques that build powerful rapport: influence, persuasion and authority on stage

2 minute elevator pitch exercise + feedback

13.00 — Lunch

Afternoon: creating compelling presentations that achieve your desired outcome

  • Understanding what the event organiser wants from you as a speaker
  • Writing your introduction for the conference Chairperson: setting the audience’s expectations
  • Tips on stage etiquette and how to make a strong first impression

How to create compelling speeches and presentations

  • How to structure an inspirational keynote address: key tips and techniques
  • How to use visual aids effectively
  • Creating impact: storytelling and other techniques that engage the emotional brain

2 minute keynote exercise + feedback

  • How to structure a powerful conference presentation: key tips and techniques
  • Getting your call to action right

3 minute presentation exercise + feedback

Other essential tools and techniques

  • Tips for speaking on a panel
  • How to present to camera
  • 10 tips for mental and physical preparation before a big speech

Continuing your public speaking journey

  • Goal-setting activity: using public speaking to grow your role/business
  • Ideas for where you can practise presenting in a safe space
  • Closing positive visualisation exercise

16.30 — Course ends


  • Post-course coaching call to review progress
  • A hard back copy of GROW – a book by best-selling author on managing your thinking to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure
  • A goal-setting action plan to develop your public speaking skills over the next 6 months
  • A positive visualisation audio to listen to at home before you present
  • Course handbook with practical tips and advice
  • Free access to our Evening Workshops to practise your speaking skills




This course is held in London on numerous dates.  See course dates on this webpage to register.

1:1 coaching support is also available.  This usually takes place over a series of face-to-face sessions or phone calls.

The course is also available as a bespoke, in-house course for organisations.  Please email carrie.swift@lovepublicspeaking.org for further information or a quote.


Course Dates

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