Overcoming fear of public speaking and nailing your elevator pitch

Learn key techniques to become a confident, magnetic presenter, and develop an unforgettable 60 second pitch for your business

In this intensive day workshop, pick up invaluable strategies for overcoming fear of public speaking, develop your skills as a confident and engaging speaker, and create an unforgettable 60 second elevator pitch for your business.

The key to overcoming fear of public speaking is practise, so you’ll take part in lots of small speaking exercises to desensitise how you experience speaking in a group.  We’ll teach you body language and voice techniques that make you captivating as a speaker, and build a strong rapport with your audience.  The environment will be safe, informal and supportive as you build your confidence step by step.

During the workshop, you will create and practise a 60 second pitch that you can give anytime, anywhere.  You’ll get all-important feedback so that you can hone it into something special, as you make sure the story of your business has been understood by your audience.

You’ll experience a powerful positive visualisation exercise and learn how to use this technique at home whenever you have a big presentation or meeting coming up.

We’ll finish the session with a goal-setting activity where you can set yourself challenges and goals around public speaking to ensure you continue to develop your presenting skills over the next 6 months.  This includes discovering local networking events where you can pitch your business to an audience for free.


  • Understand what causes a fight or flight response when you speak in public, and learn how to combat the physical symptoms of nerves
  • Practise using body language and voice techniques to present with confidence, passion and gravitas
  • Create and get feedback on an unforgettable 60 second elevator pitch for your business (or yourself)
  • Desensitise your response to speaking in groups as you take part in speaking exercises, building up your confidence
  • Complete a goal-setting worksheet where you set yourself SMART goals to continue your public speaking journey
  • Discover meet-ups and networking events around London where you can pitch your business to an audience for free


You will have a pre-course coaching call with the trainer to explore your personal goals around public speaking, review objectives for attending and identify key areas to work on in the session.


  • Post-course coaching call to review progress
  • A hard back copy of GROW – a book by best-selling author on managing your thinking to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure
  • A goal-setting action plan to develop your public speaking skills over the next 6 months
  • A positive visualisation audio to listen to at home before you present
  • Course handbook with practical tips and advice
  • Free access to our Taster Workshops to practise your speaking skills


Follow up 1-to-1 coaching support is also available.  This usually takes place over a series of face-to-face sessions or phone calls.

This an open course taking place on numerous dates in London.  It is also available as a bespoke, in-house course for organisations and business incubator programmes.  Please email carrie.swift@lovepublicspeaking.org for further information or a quote.

“The positive visualisation exercise was superb! It was really useful to practice my elevator pitch and learn how to structure it. Excellent trainer – keep it up! People really need this.”Ahmed Niaz, Accountant
“Such a great course, it was tailored perfectly to what I wanted. Carrie was super friendly, engaging and immediately put my mind at ease. It helped me a lot to intellectualise the fight or flight response.”Toby Lyons, Founder, Piece of the Puzzle
“After attending the elevator pitch day course with Carrie, I feel much more confident about pitching my business. Transformative from how I was in the morning!”Jody Vandenburg, Director, PixelPoint Group


10.00am — Course opens

  • Why are public speaking skills so crucial for entrepreneurs and consultants?
  • Understanding stage fright and how to control the fight or flight response
  • Reprogramming how you feel about public speaking
  • 15 minute positive visualisation exercise
  • Techniques for cultivating charisma on stage and getting your message across: body language, voice and content

13.00 — Lunch

  • How to structure a presentation that gets buy-in to your idea and vision
  • 12 practical tips to help you prepare mentally and physically in the week before a public speaking event
  • Goal-setting exercise: 6 month plan
  • Confidence-building meditation session

16.30 — Course ends

Course Dates