Practice Workshops

Regular evening workshops where you can practise your public speaking skills

We run evening workshops in the first week of every month to give you a chance to practise your public speaking.  They take place upstairs in a pub called The Sun in Clapham, London. You’ll pick up practical tips and techniques for presenting and develop your public speaking skills through a variety of impromptu speaking exercises. The environment will be safe, friendly and supportive as you build your confidence step by step.

Each workshop begins at 6.30pm and finishes at 9.00pm when we finish with a few drinks at the bar!

Next workshop: Wednesday 10th January – Upstairs in the Sun Pub, Clapham


6:30pm Welcome and introduction from Carrie
6:45pm Tips on how to present with impact – by Dan McGill
6:50pm How to use body language and voice techniques that build rapport – by Silvia Imperadori
6:55pm Speaking exercises in groups of 4
7.45pm Break
8:00pm Entertaining speeches from past students

“Going back in time, then fast forward” – by Peleg Tagen
“Title TBC” – by Andrew Edwards

Group discussion and feedback on speeches

8:30pm Optional impromptu speaking exercises: easy hat / hard hat!
9:00pm Drinks at the bar

In this workshop, you will…

  • Practise public speaking in a safe space (participate as much or as little as you like)
  • Network with like-minded individuals
  • Pick up techniques on how to become a dynamic and engaging speaker
  • Get feedback on your personal presenting style
  • Build your confidence and social skills

If you’ve already had training with us… come to this workshop to continue to develop your public speaking skills and keep the momentum up.

If you haven’t been trained by us yet… come to this workshop to get a flavour of what we teach and get the low down on us from our past students!

The only way to get better at public speaking is to come along and do it…  so come and join us at a workshop soon!   To book your ticket, see course dates on this web page.  For any questions, email or call 0773 605 1566.

Any questions? Give us a call on 0207 525 9501 or email


“A great way to practice speaking in an environment where you’re not being judged.”Liam Smith, Account Manager
I attended one of the evening workshops. LOVED IT! You made me feel powerful. Thank you.”Margarita Sachkova, Communications Officer
“Lots of good advice and tips. Great to have fun and a laugh as we were learning.”
N. Morek
“Great to practise speaking in a safe, friendly environment and get feedback. Learnt some great techniques like the power pose!”
Miriam Sottile, Social Entrepreneur