Public Speaking Essential Skills

A half day workshop where you will master the basics of public speaking and learn how to develop powerful rapport with any audience

This popular half day workshop is where most of our students start. It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced speakers who want to take their presenting skills to the next level.  You’ll pick up some invaluable tips on how to overcome nerves, alongside developing the technical skills for how to present with flair, and build rapport with any audience. You’ll take part in a series of short speaking exercises where you can choose how much you want to challenge yourself depending on your level of experience. There is a maximum of 6 participants per workshop to ensure each person receives personalised feedback, as the trainer works closely with each person to build on their natural strengths as a presenter.


  • Pick up 5 key tips to tackle the physical symptoms of nerves
  • Practise key body language and voice techniques that convey confidence and gravitas
  • Develop your impromptu speaking skills to get better at handling difficult questions
  • Learn an invaluable technique to stop you from ‘going blank’ when you’re speaking
  • Gain increased awareness of how effectively you are engaging people when you speak
  • Identify and cut out bad speaking habits that make you appear less authoritative
  • Take part in a powerful NLP positive visualisation exercise to build public speaking confidence
  • Positively change how you think about and approach public speaking to advance your career / business

This course is delivered by Carrie Swift.

A limited number of free places are available to HR Directors in organisations looking to trial this training to be delivered in-house.  Please email for further information.

Agenda (half day)

9.30 (AM session) or 14:00 (PM session)

  • My story of overcoming fear of public speaking and how it changed my life
  • Why some of us get more nervous than others: changing how you approach public speaking opportunities  and putting yourself forward to present / lead / sell
  • 5 key tips on how to overcome nerves
  • 1 minute warm up speaking exercise + feedback
  • Essential body language and voice techniques that build powerful rapport and motivate others
  • 1 minute speaking exercise + feedback: repeat previous exercise but employ speaking techniques

Coffee break

  • 1 minute elevator pitch speaking exercise + feedback: pitch your role or organisation
  • 2 minute speaking exercise + feedbackfocus on one technique to build on your natural strengths
  • Feedback speeches and practise chairing skills
  • Goal setting to keep up the momentum
  • Positive visualisation exercise to build confidence

13:00 (AM session) or 17:30 (PM session)

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Any questions? Give us a call on 0207 525 9501 and we’ll tell you more about the course, or give you some advice on which course we’d recommend for you.

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“I can honestly say that in 12 years, this is the best training I have ever received. Carrie was inspirational, and I am, for the first, time working towards overcoming my fear of public speaking; I can truly see a light at the end of the tunnel… If I had received this kind of help when I was young, I don’t believe I would have carried my phobia around with me for my adult working life.”Helen Parsons, St Dominics College
“At the beginning of the day I rated my public speaking confidence level a 2 out of 10, and by the end I was a 7. Carrie was excellent, I think she is born to do it. She’s got a very positive vibe and this increased the energy levels in the room.”Rithma Fonseka, IT Manager
I attended the Essential Skills workshop and I left feeling confident in my ability to public speak. Carrie helps you to work through your barriers, whilst encouraging you to take steps out of your comfort zone that really help you to embark on a new journey. Since then I have gone on to confirm a group booking, create 2 short videos and chaired my first panel. Carrie – you are a fab trainer. Really nurturing. Thank you.” Andrea Mattis, Well-being Coach