Public speaking skills for teachers

Developing confidence in public speaking to grow your leadership potential and build excellent rapport with any audience

In this powerful workshop for teachers, become a confident and engaging public speaker to grow your leadership potential, become an ambassador for your school and develop excellent rapport in the classroom.

Public speaking skills are crucial for any teacher who wants to develop themselves and fulfill their true potential, but many teachers lack confidence speaking in front of other teachers or parents.

There will always be public speaking challenges at school – from leading assemblies, to speaking at parents’ evenings, to leading training on INSET days.  The better you can become at public speaking, the more you can inspire, engage and enthuse others to positively impact both staff AND student outcomes.

In this powerful workshop, you’ll learn invaluable practical techniques for overcoming nerves, and develop the skills you need to present to any audience with confidence, authenticity and gravitas.

The key to overcoming fear of public speaking is practise, so you’ll take part in lots of small speaking exercises to desensitise how you experience speaking in a group.  The environment will be safe, informal and supportive as you build your confidence, step by step.

Read an interview with former outstanding Headteacher, Jackie Beere OBE on her own personal journey to overcoming fear of public speaking and find out why she believes public speaking should be the next big thing in schools.


  • Understand what causes a fight or flight response when you speak in public, and how to create thinking habits that prevent it from being activated
  • Pick up body language and voice techniques to present with confidence and build a strong rapport with your audience
  • Desensitise your response to speaking in groups as you take part in speaking exercises, building up your confidence slowly
  • Learn a powerful positive visualisation technique to use at home to prepare for public speaking events
  • Develop outstanding communication skills that will help you be a more effective teacher
  • Complete a goal-setting worksheet where you set yourself SMART goals to continue your public speaking journey in school
  • Share what you learn with students to help them overcome their own fears and anxieties to fulfil their potential


  • A hard back copy of GROW – a book by former Headteacher Jackie Beere OBE on managing your thinking to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure
  • A goal-setting action plan to develop your public speaking skills over the next 6 months
  • A positive visualisation audio to listen to at home before you present
  • Course handbook with practical tips and advice
  • Free access to our Taster Workshops to practise your speaking skills



You will have a needs analysis phone call with the trainer to explore key objectives for the training and explore possible areas to focus on.

This course is delivered as in-school training for groups of staff.  Please email for further information or a quote.



10.00am — Course opens

  • Why are public speaking skills so crucial for teachers?
  • Understanding stage fright and how to control the fight or flight response
  • Reprogramming how you feel about public speaking
  • 15 minute positive visualisation exercise
  • Techniques for speaking with confidence, energy and gravitas: body language, voice and content

13.00 — Lunch

  • How to structure a presentation to get your message across and inspire action
  • 12 practical tips to help you prepare mentally and physically in the week before a public speaking event
  • Goal-setting exercise: 6 month plan to take back to school
  • Confidence-building meditation session

16.30 — Course ends

Course Dates