After-School Public Speaking Club

Weekly after-school classes paid for by parents to develop pupils’ presentation skills and confidence

Delivered onsite at your school by one of our expert trainers, our weekly after-school club will help your students to develop their presentation skills, confidence and emotional resilience in preparation for further education and the world of work.  They will take part in practical speaking exercises to develop their presentation skills over the course of 12 weeks (1 term).

What will pupils gain from signing up?

Pupils who sign up to our after-school club will…

  • Develop strong presentation skills as they practise speaking in front of an audience
  • Learn how to manage confidence-related anxiety and public speaking nerves
  • Practise impromptu speaking exercises that will prepare them for formal job interviews
  • Hone their literacy skills and vocabulary to become more articulate
  • Learn how to ‘sell’ their skills as they take part in exercises such as giving a 60 second elevator pitch
  • Speak with confidence so they can communicate with senior business people and work well in teams
  • Build emotional resilience so they can manage anxiety and stress for the next stage of life

Every class is highly interactive with a series of fun, evidence-based speaking exercises supplemented with tips from an experienced trainer.

How does it work?

We would usually come to speak at an assembly to advertise this as an after-school club for students.  Alternatively we can provide fliers for email/print distribution, or send a letter to parents advertising the club.

The parents pay a termly fee to have their child attend the club for 12 weeks. We’d require the use of a classroom, but there are no fees to the school, so it’s a great opportunity to offer extra support to students without any cost.

What age group is this aimed at?

We can work with students of all ages, from key stage 2 to 5. We adapt the material and speaking exercises depending on the age group we are working with.

Can we do this ourselves, without an external trainer?

Yes!  We provide 2-day training programmes to train teachers on how to run an after-school public speaking club, providing all PowerPoint slides, videos, worksheets and materials to run the club themselves.  Either the school can run this as a free club, or as a club that parents pay for to generate funding for the school.  We can provide suggested fee models, and provide marketing materials to enable the school to advertise the club.  To send one of your teachers on this training or to find out more, please email or call 0773 605 1566.

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