After-School Public Speaking Club

Develop pupils’ presentation skills and confidence through a weekly club run by your own teachers

Ofsted have announced that schools must be “bold and ambitious” in providing opportunities for personal development in students.  Our fun and practical after-school club will develop your students’ presentation skills and confidence in communicating to prepare them for the next stage of education or life.  And the best thing about it?  Teachers from your own school can run it…

We’ll train your teacher(s) in how to run the club providing PowerPoint materials, videos and speaking exercises they can use.  You could offer this club for free to your pupils, or charge parents a termly fee to generate ongoing funding for your school.

Pupils who join the club will…

  • Develop strong presentation skills as they practise speaking in front of each other
  • Build their social confidence
  • Hone their literacy skills and vocabulary to become more articulate
  • Become more emotionally resilient as they provide feedback to each other
  • Learn how to debate, present, negotiate and build rapport with others
  • Produce a presentation which they can present to their class / in an assembly

What age group is this aimed at?

The club is suitable for pupils of all ages as we adapt the material and speaking exercises accordingly.

What are the benefits to the school?

  1. Meet the new Ofsted requirements around providing opportunities for personal development
  2. Generate ongoing funding for your school – we offer suggested fee models
  3. Train your teachers to be better presenters too
  4. Improve students’ oracy skills
  5. Spend pupil premium funding on a club which can really help disadvantaged students

How does the training work?

Firstly you select 1 or 2 teachers to run your weekly club.  We will then coach them on how to run the after-school club in a 1 day training session which will include:

(1) presentation skills training for the teacher(s) so they can develop their own presenting skills and gravitas

(2) training in how to run the club, and deliver the training material to students

The cost of this day of training plus all the materials to run the club is £1500 + VAT.

How much material is there?

We provide enough modules of content to last one year (PowerPoint slides, videos and speaking exercises), before going back to Module 1 the following September.  The material is designed so that pupils can join for the full year, or dip in and out of the club. Some of the topics covered include body language, voice techniques, storytelling, designing PowerPoint presentations, and building presenting confidence.

Our teachers are too busy – can you run the club for us?

We are not able to come into your school to run the club but we can run weekly virtual sessions instead.  One 12-week course of virtual 1-hour sessions with up to 15 pupils costs £1600 + VAT.

We want to know more – what next?

Email us at [email protected] or call 0773 605 1566 and we’ll send through further information, options and prices.

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This course is delivered as in-house training for schools, and also runs as a public course on dates that are mutually convenient for teachers. To register interest or be kept up to date with course dates, please submit your email address below:

“This is a fantastic club which has helped our pupils build their confidence and presenting skills so that they feel more comfortable speaking up in class, as well as to bigger audiences. All schools need this.”
B. Jackson, Physics Teacher, Margate School
“I believe there is so much benefit to public speaking training in schools and colleges. I can’t recommend Love Public Speaking highly enough, and would strongly urge school and college leaders to consider this for their staff and students.”
H. Parsons, Head of Classical Civilisation, St. Dominics College