Building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome

Practical strategies for building confidence and resilience to thrive in a pressured environment

"As is our confidence, so is our capacity." - William Hazlitt

It has been estimated that 70% of us will suffer imposter syndrome at some point in our lives and reportedly the higher up the ladder you go, the worse it gets.

This course explores practical strategies for building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome in order to help your team members advance their careers within your organisation.

What will team members gain from this course?

• Discover the 4 P's of imposter syndrome and how to overcome them
• Pick up practical strategies for managing your self-talk to build confidence
• Learn how to leave perfectionism behind and develop a growth mindset
• Gain practical tips on speaking with gravitas and authority in virtual meetings
• Take away a list of recommended books and resources to build confidence

What will they take away?

People who attend this course report that they:

• Feel more confident with taking measured risks at work to move the business forward
• Have a better understanding of how either imposter syndrome or lack of confidence in certain areas is affecting their performance and what they can do to fix it

What's the format?

This training can be delivered as a one-hour webinar or talk to all your staff members, or an interactive training session with a select group delivered as either a 90 minute session or a half day workshop.  The interactive training incorporates a variety of group exercises, discussions and roleplay exercises to help your team members build confidence.

How do we book?

Please email [email protected] or call 0208 142 6727 to discuss training options.


Video tips:

This course is delivered as in-house training.  For further information or a quote, please submit your email address below:

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“A heartfelt and sincere thank you for such an inspirational and useful session earlier. I think it was the highlight of our team away day. We were reflecting afterwards how in such a short space of time we felt we gained so many practical and memorable tips and frameworks – it was delivered with just the right tone of both challenging ourselves and enjoying it too. Our team are very thankful.”Tess Young, Director of Operations, South London Cares
“It was useful to understand key factors in speaking with gravitas. Also useful to learn about anxiety. The trainer was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, brilliant delivery."K. Jayasinghege, Enginnering Apprentice, Airbus
“The best part of the course was learning about how to come across as confident through body language and voice, and practising these techniques multiple times."A. Smith, Business Apprentice, Airbus
“The trainer was very inspirational and motivating. She made me feel determined and empowered to keep going and enjoy being challenged.” A.Hodgeson, NHF