Weekly Speaking Club

A virtual "speaking club" run by your team, for your team, to keep up the practice after they've had presentation skills training with us

The problem:

Developing confidence in presenting is a long term challenge - it takes lots of practice on an ongoing basis to become a strong presenter.  It is not enough for us to come in and train your team once - they need to find a way to keep up the practice after we leave. 

The solution:

We will train one of your team members in how to run a weekly 1-hour Speaking Club where your team members can practise a variety of presentation exercises and give each other critical feedback, so they'll keep improving over time.

The added bonus is that this creates a culture where presentation skills are highly valued and everyone gets into the habit of offering each other feedback after important meetings.

How does it work?

We'll train one your team members in how to run the club in a two-hour 1-to-1 coaching session where we teach them the club format and provide them with worksheets and materials to run the club.  We'll check in with them every now and again and organise a call to see how the club is going, and share new ideas on speaking exercises to keep up momentum.

What's included?

The Speaking Club training package includes:

  • A two-hour training session on how to run the club
  • Materials and worksheets to run the club
  • A 'Speaker of the Week' medal so that those who attend can vote who was the best speaker that week!
  • Occasional check-in calls with the club leader so we can help them keep up the club's momentum and try out new speaking exercises

For a prices, email [email protected].

Premium version

In our premium version of Speaking Club, we send a Love Public Speaking trainer to join the virtual club each week to facilitate, offer expert feedback and tips, and keep everyone on track.   For further information and a quote, email [email protected].


Client feedback:


“We formed Talking Club soon after you gave us the presentation training last year to practise what you’d taught us as we didn’t want to forget the tips & tricks. Since lockdown we have carried on meeting via Teams. It’s a friendly, encouraging and informal club – everyone has their own level, for example some of us want to stop using filler words, and others just want to practice talking in front of people to boost their confidence. We have gained so much from Talking Club and learned a lot about each other, we never would have done this without your training. The Talking Club has become a very enjoyable part of our week, so thank you very much for introducing us to the scary world of talking!”Lorna Tiefholz, Key Production

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