Virtual presentation skills training

A 6-week virtual course where you will develop your presentation skills for in-person and virtual presentations

The problem:

Being able to present well is a critical skill in almost any professional job, but 75% of us admit to a fear of public speaking, and most of us go to great lengths to avoid it.  In fact, studies show that 1 in 3 of us would go as far as to reject our dream job if it meant we had to do it.

The result?  Those who shout the loudest end up getting promoted, and a great deal of talent falls under the radar.  Great ideas fail to get aired in meetings with 10+ people; and new job opportunities get missed as people struggle to show strong enough presentation skills in virtual and face-to-face meetings.

The solution:

This virtual course is designed to help you build confidence in presenting (both virtual and face-to-face) as you develop your speaking style, gravitas and technique in presenting on camera.  You will join a one-hour Zoom lesson every week where you will be taught techniques from an expert trainer before taking part in speaking exercises with critical feedback. There is only room for 6 participants on this course to ensure everyone gets plenty of presenting practise in and personal feedback from the trainer.

Since the main problem for people when it comes to public speaking is overcoming nerves, this course begins by changing how you members think and feel about public speaking so that you’re more comfortable putting yourself forward for presenting opportunities.  The rest of the course is dedicated to developing yourpresentation skills we work on a new area each week: voice, body language, gravitas, presentation content, PowerPoint tips, and increasing impact when presenting virtually.

This is highly practical course where you will take part in a variety of speaking exercises in every 1 hour virtual session.

What will you take away?
  • Strategies to overcome nerves
  • Body language and voice techniques to be an engaging presenter
  • Presentation structure template to use for business presentations
  • Techniques for presenting with gravitas and authority
  • A tip to stop you from ‘going blank’ when presenting
  • Tips on using PowerPoint
  • Tips on presenting in virtual meetings for maximum impact, including ideas for interacting with your audience
The outcome:

Those who have been through this programme report that they are:

  • More confident with presenting
  • More willing to put themselves forward to speak and create opportunities to practice
  • More confident taking on leadership positions

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What is included in the course?
  • 20-page electronic course handbook
  • Confidence-building visualisation audio to prepare for presentations
What’s the format?

Choose to join a course which runs on Monday evenings from 19.30 – 20.30 or Thursday evenings from 18:00 – 19:00. The course is 6 weeks in total.  Each virtual lesson is 60 minutes, and there will be 6 participants on the course including yourself.

What’s the cost?

The course is £399 + VAT per person.

How do I book?

Email or call +44 208 142 6727 to find out next enrollment date or book onto the course.  A new course starts every 6 weeks.


Course taster:

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“I can honestly say that in 12 years, this is the best training I have ever received. The trainer was inspirational, and I am, for the first, time working towards overcoming my fear of public speaking; I can truly see a light at the end of the tunnel… If I had received this kind of help when I was young, I don’t believe I would have carried my phobia around with me for my adult working life.”Helen Parsons, St Dominics College
“At the beginning of the day I rated my public speaking confidence level a 2 out of 10, and by the end I was a 7. The trainer was excellent, I think she is born to do it. She’s got a very positive vibe and this increased the energy levels in the room.”Rithma Fonseka, IT Manager
“I can’t rate Love Public Speaking highly enough. As a CEO, public speaking is essential to my role but I’ve been avoiding it for a long time. The training here was well beyond your normal technique training – it was all about mindset and approach, along with the skills and it really worked for me. Utterly transformative for my career.”C. Forshew, CEO, Seed