Building entrepreneurial confidence and pitching your business

Create an unforgettable 60 second elevator pitch for your business and develop the skills to become a professional speaker

In this ‘golden age’ of entrepreneurship, clients and customers want to know the person behind the brand. It’s crucial to have a compelling brand story which you can communicate with confidence, charisma and passion.

In this intensive day workshop, learn how to successfully pitch your business and pick up new clients when you attend networking events.  We'll help you develop your brand story as you design and practise a 60 second elevator pitch for when you meet a potential client.  You'll receive critical feedback to help you hone it into something special that resonates with your target market.

You'll pick up expert tips on networking, before working on your public speaking skills in a series of speaking exercises where you'll learn how to build powerful rapport and present your business message with flair.

We’ll finish the session with a goal-setting activity where you will set yourself SMART goals to grow your business over the next 6 months.  You'll also pick up a list of London-based networking events where you can find speaking opportunities and pitch your business to an audience for free.


  • Discover how the way you communicate about your business dictates revenue
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and build a strong personal brand
  • Get clear on your 'why' and use it to create your 60 second elevator pitch
  • Practise using body language and voice techniques to build rapport and create lasting relationships
  • Learn how to present yourself, your brand and your business with gravitas
  • Discover meet-ups and networking events around London where you can pitch your business to an audience for free


  • Course handbook with practical tips and advice
  • A hard back copy of GROW – an award-winning book on managing your thinking to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure
  • A goal-setting action plan for the next 6 months
  • A positive visualisation audio to listen to at home


10.00am — Course opens

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome - strategies for building confidence in presenting yourself, your brand and your business
  • Getting crystal clear on your 'why' - practise communicating your brand story and get constructive feedback
  • Designing and delivering your 60 second elevator pitch using a 6-point template
  • Implementing a networking strategy that will grow your business

13.00 — Lunch

  • Presenting techniques for building powerful rapport and gravitas: how you look, how you sound, and what you say
  • The language of negotiation: acting bigger than you are to grow your business
  • Tips on how to open conversations and generate leads at networking events
  • Goal-setting exercise: 6 month plan for building your business through face-to-face marketing
  • Confidence-building meditation session

16.30 — Course ends

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This course is delivered as in-house training for start-ups, and also runs as a public course on dates that are mutually convenient for attendees. To register interest to attend the course, please submit your email address below:

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“I have been working with Love Public Speaking for the last 12 months and can’t recommend their public speaking coaching services highly enough. When I started, my public speaking skills ranged somewhere from bad to none, but just a few months later, I have reached the District Final of the International Public Speaking Contest and delivered successful talks around the world. Whether you’re an individual wanting to overcome your fear of speaking in public, or a business looking for the perfect coach; Love Public Speaking is certainly the number one option.”Daniel Magill, Digital UX Manager, TSB Bank
"After attending the elevator pitch day course with Carrie, I feel much more confident about pitching my business. Transformative from how I was in the morning!"Jody Vandenburg, Director, PixelPoint Group
"It was really useful to practice my elevator pitch and learn how to structure it. The positive visualisation exercise was superb! Excellent trainer - keep it up! People really need this."Ahmed Niaz, Accountant