How well do you cope with failure?

Would you choose to think in a different way if it would help you be more confident, successful, or content with life?

Success, resilience and self-acceptance are something we strive for in our careers and personal lives. The key is being able to manage your thinking so that you can challenge your limiting beliefs and break the habits that hold you back. In this book, international speaker, trainer and best-selling author, Jackie Beere OBE, teaches you how to think on purpose as you challenge your current mindset. Containing practical advice, tips and tools, GROW will help you to:

  • Break habits of self-doubt
  • Welcome challenges and thrive on change
  • Get clarity about what makes you happy and how to get it
  • Become a more confident, empathetic communicator
  • Develop better self-awareness
  • Overcome fear of failure and perfectionist tendencies
  • Develop healthy, flexible and kind relationships with others

This inspiring book comes as a supplement on the following courses:

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