How to lead successful virtual meetings

Team training on how to get your message across with impact on video conference calls and improve your virtual communication

The problem

COVID-19 has forced organisations to switch to remote working, but most teams are ill-prepared to work remotely and lack the skills to make virtual meetings work as effectively as in-person meetings.

The result is that teams fail to collaborate as well as they do in-person, great ideas go unheard as the extraverts accidentally dominate virtual meetings, team members begin to lose motivation, and client service suffers.

The solution

This virtual training course will help your team navigate the new way of working as they learn practical tips and tools on how to make virtual meetings more professional, productive and impactful.

Getting the room set up right, navigating the technology and maintaining a professional image are just a few of areas where team members frequently fall down.  But most importantly, how should communication change on camera, and how can you get your message across with impact on a video call where it's easy to lose engagement?  How does your personality type impact how effective you are in online meetings, and how can you use technology and visual aids to be as impactful as you can be in a face-to-face meeting?

This interactive virtual course includes practical tips, speaking exercises and roleplay exercises to develop your team members' confidence, professionalism and prowess in virtual meetings.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for organisations looking to train their staff members on how to improve their virtual meetings.

What's the format?

We recommend 6-8 participants per session to ensure each person has plenty of practise at speaking on camera and receives personal feedback from the trainer, however we can adapt this course to deliver it to larger audiences.

This a one-day interactive course which is delivered over video conferencing.  It is also available as a half day course, and a 90 minute session.  To see our shorter online training options, view our webinars.

How do we book?

Email [email protected] or call +44 208 142 6727 for a quote to have this delivered for your organisation.  You can also book a bespoke version of this course where we incorporate speaking exercises based on real life scenarios team members encounter in their roles.


Part 1: Dos and don’ts of virtual meetings

  • How to set the room up – lighting, background, camera angle
  • What to wear and how to present yourself in a virtual meeting
  • Tips and tricks for looking better on camera
  • The 10-minute preparation ritual for a seamless call
  • Self-awareness: the importance of looking engaged and present in an online meeting

(Pair work and roleplay exercises)

Part 2: Leading virtual meetings

  • Body language and voice techniques to present with gravitas
  • Meeting preparation tips and agendas
  • Using sign-posting to create structure and professionalism
  • Tips on how to use technology to improve engagement and team work
  • How to use notes on a video call
  • Maintaining engagement: keeping the energy up and ideas for added interactivity

    Part 3: Participating in virtual meetings - communicating with impact

    • How to get heard in online meetings if you're an introvert
    • How to moderate your input if you're an extrovert
    • Preparing key messages using simple, impactful language
    • Useful phrases to use with difficult people in online meetings

      (Presenting on camera exercises)

      Part 4: Remote working tips

      • Managing your personal brand when remote working
      • How to network virtually
      • Why video meetings are so tiring and how to preserve energy

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      Course taster:

      This course is delivered as online training.  For further information or a quote, please submit your email address below:

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      “A heartfelt and sincere thank you for such an inspirational and useful session earlier. I think it was the highlight of our team away day. We were reflecting afterwards how in such a short space of time we felt we gained so many practical and memorable tips and frameworks – it was delivered with just the right tone of both challenging ourselves and enjoying it too. Our team are very thankful.”Tess Young, Director of Operations, South London Cares
      “It was useful to understand key factors in speaking with gravitas. Also useful to learn about anxiety. The trainer was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, brilliant delivery."K. Jayasinghege, Enginnering Apprentice, Airbus
      “The best part of the course was learning about how to come across as confident through body language and voice, and practising these techniques multiple times."A. Smith, Business Apprentice, Airbus
      “The trainer was very inspirational and motivating. She made me feel determined and empowered to keep going and enjoy being challenged.” A.Hodgeson, NHF