How to win client pitches

For pitch teams: presenting your ideas with confidence, flair and gravitas

Do you want to give your pitch team the edge over the competition?  All members of staff should know what your company stands for, and be able to articulate what makes you different from the competition.  In fact – they should be able to reel off your company’s “elevator pitch” whenever the opportunity presents itself, not just for new business pitches.

This one-day course is designed to help your team win more pitches.  Those who attend will practise presenting their pitch deck, then take part in a challenging Q&A role play where they will pick up invaluable tips on how to think on the spot.

This is a bespoke course that will be tailored to the needs of the client – it can be focused on a specific upcoming pitch, or more generally on pitching and presentation skills.

What will your staff learn on this course?

Those who attend will:

  • Improve their presentation skills and personal impact
  • Do a dry run of a new business pitch with expert critical feedback
  • Learn how to deal with interruptions and skilfully handle difficult questions from clients
  • Build confidence and learn how to overcome nerves
  • Understand how to build rapport with the client and read the temperature in the room
  • Make improvements to the content of their pitch deck and simplify complex messages
  • Practise giving a powerful 1 minute elevator pitch on your company

What is included in the course?

  • 20-page electronic course handbook
  • Confidence-building visualisation audio to prepare for presentations
  • Pre-course questionnaire sent to attendees to tailor the course to your team’s needs
  • Post-course feedback surveys

Who is this course for? 

Teams that either present internally to colleagues, or externally to clients / stakeholders.

What’s the format?

We recommend 6-8 attendees per session so that each person who attends has enough presenting practice and can receive personalised feedback from the trainer. However it is possible to work with larger groups.  We usually come to your office to deliver this training.

Bespoke consultancy support

Please note we also offer a bespoke consultancy service where we support you on a specific pitch and help you with your brand positioning.  Here we will provide key insights and develop your strategy to sharpen up your proposal and presentation.

How do we book?

Please email [email protected] or call 0773 605 1566 to discuss training options.

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This course is delivered as in-house training for agencies, and also runs as a public course on dates that are mutually convenient for attendees. To register interest to attend the course, please submit your email address below:

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“Thanks so much for all your help and input with my pitch. Safe to say I smashed it, so am eternally grateful to you guys! I got really great feedback from the panel and everyone else in the room. Somebody even came up to me afterwards saying “Don’t let anyone ever tell me in future that I’m not a public speaker!”. I will be singing your praises in my exit interview of the business course to encourage them to make you a core part of their training.”Jody Vandenburg, Director, PixelPoint Group
“This was the most worthwhile training we've had in years. It was useful to learn about things like the right time and length of pitches, and how to make them more effective by using simple language.”T. Beven, Sales Director, Key Production
"Carrie is smart, experienced, articulate and respectful. She was effective at getting the team to open up about key issues – but was also very solution-oriented and drove us to identify concrete actions we can take to improve team dynamics."Senior Vice President, New York Times
“I hired Love Public Speaking to run a day course for a number of Bedrock HR clients. I found the trainer extremely professional with loads of energy and excellent knowledge. My take away from the sessions was seeing the way in which people responded to the trainer and the way in which their confidence grew throughout the course.”David Mellard, Managing Director, Bedrock HR