Speaking with Impact: Present like a Professional

Develop your conference speaking skills and deliver compelling presentations with confidence, flair and gravitas

In this advanced presentation skills training programme, your team members will develop professional level speaking skills for business events and learn how to design powerful presentations that leave a lasting impact on the audience.  They will take part in multiple presentation exercises with expert feedback.

What will your team learn on this course?

Those who attend will learn how to:

  • Design high-impact presentations with a strong call to action
  • Bring presentation content to life through story-telling and audience engagement techniques
  • Improve credibility and gravitas on stage
  • Learn panel speaking skills including taking part in mock panel discussion
  • Pick up tips on using PowerPoint and save time on presentation prep
  • Get clarity on presentation objectives and ensure business objectives are are met (e.g. attracting new clients, or selling an idea)

What is included in the course?

  • 20-page electronic course handbook
  • Confidence-building visualisation audio to prepare for presentations
  • Pre-course questionnaire sent to attendees to tailor the course to your team’s needs
  • Post-course feedback surveys

Who is this course for? 

This programme is recommended for management teams, client-facing teams and staff who are representing your organisation at business events.

What’s the format?

We recommend 6-8 attendees per session so that each person who attends has enough presenting practice and can receive personalised feedback from the trainer. However it is possible to work with larger groups.  We usually come to your office to deliver this training.

Can you do a bespoke version?

Yes, we can design a bespoke version of this course which incorporates speaking exercises based on real life scenarios team members encounter in their roles.

How do we book?

Please email hello@lovepublicspeaking.org or call 0773 605 1566 to discuss training options.


Developing your personal speaking style

  • Key public speaking techniques: dos and don’ts when presenting
  • Tips for managing public speaking nerves
  • Practising positive self-talk and visualisation ahead of a presentation to enhance performance
  • Body language and voice techniques that build powerful rapport: influence, persuasion and authority on stage
  • Tips on stage etiquette and how to make a strong first impression

(Speaking exercises + feedback)

Creating compelling presentations that achieve your desired outcome

  • How to structure a powerful conference presentation: key tips and techniques
  • How to use visual aids effectively
  • Creating impact: storytelling and other techniques that engage the emotional brain
  • Getting your call to action right

(Presentation exercise + feedback)


Tips on preparing presentations

  • How to save time when producing PowerPoint presentations
  • 10 tips for mental and physical preparation before a big speech

(Speaking exercises + feedback)

Advanced speaking styles

  • Conference chairing skills
  • How to be a panellist
  • How to be a panel moderator
  • Tips for speaking on camera

(Mock panel discussion)

Continuing your public speaking journey

  • Goal-setting activity: using public speaking to grow your role/business
  • Ideas for where you can practise presenting in a safe space
  • Closing positive visualisation exercise

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“I can’t rate Love Public Speaking highly enough. As a CEO, public speaking is essential to my role but I’ve been avoiding it for a long time. The training here was well beyond your normal technique training – it was all about mindset and approach, along with the skills and it really worked for me. Utterly transformative for my career.”C. Forshew, CEO, Seed
“I have been working with Love Public Speaking for the last 12 months and can’t recommend their public speaking coaching services highly enough. When I started, my public speaking skills ranged somewhere from bad to none, but just a few months later, I have reached the District Final of the International Public Speaking Contest and delivered successful talks around the world.

Whether you’re an individual wanting to overcome your fear of speaking in public, or a business looking for the perfect coach to up-skill your staff and turn them into accomplished speakers and dazzling presenters; Love Public Speaking is certainly the number one option.”D. Magill, Digital UX Manager, TSB Bank

“In all honesty, I found this to be an exceptionally interesting course, with every aspect covered of great benefit.”J. Tewson, Regional Partnerships Manager, The Jockey Club
“I hired Love Public Speaking to run a day course for a number of Bedrock HR clients. I found the trainer extremely professional with loads of energy and excellent knowledge. My take away from the sessions was seeing the way in which people responded to the trainer and the way in which their confidence grew throughout the course.”D. Mellard, Managing Director, Bedrock HR