Media Interview Training

Practise giving TV, radio and print interviews with expert critical feedback from a journalist

Is your senior team preparing to speak to the media?  As they head into the spotlight, it is critical that they prepare in order to deliver your company’s message with confidence, purpose and integrity.

This course, led by a former TV presenter with 20 years’ experience, will prepare your senior team to communicate confidently on TV and radio.  They will find out what to expect when speaking to journalists and learn how to become bullet proof under fire as they take part in a series of recorded interviews, followed by playback and analysis.

This is a bespoke course which will be tailored to the needs of those attending.

What will the course cover?

  • Prepare and rehearse key messages and language to use before stepping into the spotlight
  • Watch/hear good and bad examples of media interviews from your sector
  • Experience having a print interview with a journalist and then read an article that is produced from the interview and see how the message was portrayed
  • Practise a live radio interview with headphones and microphones
  • Practise 3 types of TV interviews (BBC News, Sky, Soundbite news package) to build confidence in being interviewed by different types of journalists
  • Receive expert feedback with video analysis

What’s the format?

We recommend having 4 staff members attend this course.  The course is also available as 1:1 training.  The trainer will bring along camera equipment, and the option of hiring a studio with a professional camera crew is also available on request.

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This course is usually delivered as in-company training, and an online version of the course is also available. For further information or a quote, please enter your details below:

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“I can’t rate Love Public Speaking high enough. As a CEO, public speaking is essential to my role but I’ve been avoiding it for a long time. The training here was well beyond your normal technique training – and it really worked for me. Utterly transformative for my career.”
C. Forshew, CEO, Seed Marketing Agency
“After attending the elevator pitch day course with Carrie, I feel much more confident about pitching my business. Transformative from how I was in the morning!”Jody Vandenburg, Director, PixelPoint Group