Webinars: improving virtual meetings and communications

One-hour interactive webinars from expert trainers on a range of topics

We offer a range of webinars on various topics related to remote working communications, building resilience and presentation skills.  You can buy one webinar or a series.

What is the format?

Our webinars are 1 hour long and up to 150 people from your organisation can attend via our video conferencing platform.

Each webinar is also available as half day interactive virtual training sessions.

Who is it for?

This training is for organisations who are looking to train their teams.

Please see our webinars below.  We can also design bespoke webinars on request to meet the specific needs of your team.  Please email [email protected] for further information or to get a quote to have this training delivered for your organisation.

How to stand out on video calls

  • Getting the set up right – lighting, background, camera angle
  • How to prepare for an online meeting to give yourself the best opportunity to shine
  • How to present with impact in an online meeting – tips for presenting online, interacting with your audience and practical ideas for maintaining engagement
  • Tips on how to contribute on a video call if you are an introvert / extrovert
  • How to speak with gravitas and be engaging on a video call – voice, tone and language

How to have difficult conversations online

  • How to prepare for difficult conversations online – understanding the other person’s perspective and constructing your message accordingly
  • Identifying your communication style and theirs in order to bridge the gap
  • Building support in advance of the conversation to help it run more smoothly – identifying champions and blockers
  • Tips on how to get your message across confidently on camera – body language, tone of voice and gravitas
  • Roleplays of difficult conversation scenarios to put the techniques into practise (half day course only)

How to make yourself heard in an online meeting

  • How different personalities view taking part in meetings - introverts versus extroverts
  • How to prepare for an online meeting to get the outcome you are seeking – agendas, structure and signposting
  • How to gain support from your colleagues – identifying champions and blocks to help you get your message across
  • How to navigate technology and use it to your advantage if you lack confidence in speaking up

Leading effective "thinking meetings" online

  • Tips on how to lead a creative, brainstorm meeting that takes place online
  • Preparation, agenda and how to set the tone to create a positive thinking space
  • Ideas on how to use a video platform to make the meeting engagement and interactive
  • Making sure everyone participates and is heard, including the introverts

Online networking to advance your career

  • How create an online networking strategy to advance your career
  • How to use LinkedIn to build your personal brand and reach out to relevant contacts
  • Practical ideas and examples of how to construct personal messages to these key contacts to start/maintain a relationship
  • Other ideas of how you can expand your network and improve your visibility using online channels

These webinars are delivered to teams within organisations. They are available as 60 minute sessions, 90s minute sessions, and half day interactive online courses.  There are 3 easy ways to book a webinar or request a quote:

  1. Call +44 208 142 6727 to get straight through to our course administrator.
  2. Email [email protected] to let us know which webinar(s) you are interested in.
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Training taster:

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“A heartfelt and sincere thank you for such an inspirational and useful session earlier. I think it was the highlight of our team away day. We were reflecting afterwards how in such a short space of time we felt we gained so many practical and memorable tips and frameworks – it was delivered with just the right tone of both challenging ourselves and enjoying it too. Our team are very thankful.”Tess Young, Director of Operations, South London Cares
“It was useful to understand key factors in speaking with gravitas. Also useful to learn about anxiety. The trainer was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, brilliant delivery."K. Jayasinghege, Enginnering Apprentice, Airbus
“The best part of the course was learning about how to come across as confident through body language and voice, and practising these techniques multiple times."A. Smith, Business Apprentice, Airbus
“The trainer was very inspirational and motivating. She made me feel determined and empowered to keep going and enjoy being challenged.” A.Hodgeson, NHF