From “Snowflake” to Supercharged: Graduate Training

Helping young employees thrive in the workplace by developing their confidence, resilience and communication skills

As Simon Sinek labels millennials as “narcissistic, unfocused, and lazy”and employers begin to introduce “snowflake tests” into the hiring process, it is clear that somewhere we need to bridge the gap to create a strong workforce of the future.  Employers are increasingly recognising that it falls to them to arm their young team members with the skills they need to thrive and grow into future leaders, particularly with the support of the apprenticeship levy.

In this interactive course, your young team members will take part in a variety of practical exercises to build their confidence, resilience and communication skills.

What will your team gain from this course?

  • Improved confidence and skills in presenting
  • A better understanding of how to communicate with senior management
  • Improved resilience to deal with challenges they encounter in work
  • The ability to become a strong brand ambassador

This is a highly practical course where team members will be taking part in group discussions and speaking exercises for 70% of the day. The remaining 30% will be practical guidance and tips from an expert trainer.

All attendees will receive an electronic version of our 30-page course handbook which includes tools, techniques and templates for delivering presentations with flair and gravitas.

How long is the course?

The full course is 2 days, but a 1 day option is available.  Day 1 or day 2 can be booked separately, or you can select specific parts from day 1 and 2 to form a bespoke 1 day programme.

How does it work?

The course is usually delivered on the client’s premises in a large meeting room.  We usually recommend a minimum number of 10 attendees, and maximum number of 15 attendees.  We recommend a maximum of 15 because this is a small enough group for the trainer to work with each participant, giving them feedback on their communication style.  However it is possible to change the format to allow for bigger groups if necessary as we can bring in more trainers.

How do I book?

This course is delivered as in-house training for businesses, colleges and schools.  Please email and we will come back to you to organise a call to discuss a bespoke programme for your organisation.



9:00 – course opens

Part 1: Building confidence and resilience – creating the right mindset to kick-start your career
• Overcoming impostor syndrome when entering a new role
• Getting comfortable with making mistakes – strategies for building resilience
• Working outside of your comfort zone to progress in your role – perfectionism versus risk-taking

(Discussion and group exercises)

Part 2: Developing powerful presenting skills
• Growing presenting confidence – changing how you approach public speaking opportunities, putting yourself forward to present and lead
• Strategies for tackling nerves
• Presenting techniques: body language and voice
• How to produce and deliver business presentations
• Tips on using PowerPoint and time-saving techniques

(Presentation exercise)

Part 3: Core communication skills for meetings and conference calls
• Tips on professional etiquette for meetings
• How to convey credibility and gravitas when dealing with Senior Managers

(Speaking exercise: practise introducing yourself and your role in a formal meeting)

• Mastering the art of difficult conversations in the workplace
• Telephone skills and how to lead conference calls

(Role play exercise: practise leading a conference call)

16:30 – course closes


9:00 – course opens

Part 4: Speaking to external audiences
• Review of company brand values and how to give a high-impact “elevator pitch” on your organisation

(Speaking exercise: practise giving a 1 minute elevator pitch)

• Tips on how to give a successful media interview

(Roleplay exercise: take part in a mock TV interview)

Part 5: Becoming a great team player
• Improving self-awareness
• Understanding how others like to work – why the map is not the territory
• Tips on how to communicate in the workplace – the key to successful team work

(Written exercises and group work)

Part 6: Moving up the career ladder

• Improving productivity
• Stress management and dealing with workload overwhelm
• Time management strategies for prioritising and meeting deadlines

(Peer coaching and discussions)

• Getting more exposure – how to report on your achievements and prepare for appraisals
• Finding sponsors and mentors to help you progress in work
• Setting personal goals to advance your career

16:00 – course closes

For further information:

Please email or call us on 0773 605 1566 for further information or a quote.


This course is delivered as in-house training.  For further information or a quote, please submit your email address below:

“The trainer was very inspirational and motivating. She made me feel determined and empowered to keep going and enjoy being challenged.”
“A heartfelt and sincere thank you for such an inspirational and useful session earlier. I think it was the highlight of our team away day. We were reflecting afterwards how in such a short space of time we felt we gained so many practical and memorable tips and frameworks – it was delivered with just the right tone of both challenging ourselves and enjoying it too. Our team are very thankful.”Tess Young, Director of Operations, South London Cares