Do you have what it takes to become a Presentation Skills Coach?

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It is amazing to think that just 5 years ago, I was working in my corporate job, exhausted from working around the clock and still petrified of public speaking.  Fast forward to 2021, and I’m the Managing Director of Love Public Speaking Ltd, franchising my business to take it global.

Being a Presentation Skills Coach is the most rewarding, flexible and well-paid job I’ve ever had.  So last year I had the thought – if I can do it, why can’t every else?

That’s why we launched this course last year Become a Presentation Skills CoachOur mission is to help people all over the word find their voice, and that starts with training more people in how to teach presentation skills, both in the UK and beyond.  Our first ‘cohort’ of Presentation Skills Coaches are now up and running, and the next course is now open, running August 2021.

Why does the world need more Presentation Skills Coaches?

There is an enormous market of people who want to improve their presentation skills – and much more now that so many people are job hunting after the pandemic and need to skill up for interviews.  But what people really want is someone who can train them locally.  Someone from the community who can drop into their house for a 1-to-1 presentation skills session, someone who can train students at the local school, or deliver presentation skills workshops to local businesses.

We can’t serve them all – so I’m on a mission to recruit people who have got what it takes to be a presentation skills coach and train them up to deliver presentation skills training in their local area, taking home £100 per hour of training.

Interested?  Here’s what you’ll need….

If you have good communications skills and the drive to succeed working independently, this is something you’ll be good at.  You don’t need any prior experience of public speaking, training or sales, as we’ll train you in all the skills you’ll need to run your own flexible presentation skills training business.  You’ll have access to our library of training materials and a clear methodology for how to teach presentation skills.  Join the course

Following the course, you could opt to apply to become a Love Public Speaking Partner where you will be a franchisee of our brand.

What kind of person usually does it?

We get all sorts of people signing up – from coaches and consultants who want to add an extra string to their bow, to people working in corporates who are looking to switch to a more flexible career, to full-time mums who need to earn some extra money on the side. Whatever role you’re in, you can learn how become a presentation skills trainer as long as you’re a people person – we’ll teach you presentation skills and give you a clear methodology for teaching them to other people.  To make sure you can trust us, check out how our customers rate our training as Excellent on Trust Pilot.

What will life be like as a Presentation Skills Coach?

It’s flexible work that you can fit around your current schedule – whether that’s family life or another job, you can book in a one hour 1-to-1 presentation skills coaching session or a longer chunk of training (for example, for a group of 6 people) wherever it fits into your schedule.

In terms of the work itself, there is something really rewarding about helping people build confidence in public speaking.  It’s pretty amazing seeing people go from terrified of public speaking to confident speakers and watching how it changes their lives.

How will you find work?

On the course, we will teach you how to find work with (1) private coaching clients (2) schools and (3) local businesses.  We’ll give you strategies for finding local clients and marketing materials so you can use to start approaching them straight away.  The idea is that you can hit the ground running, like our recent course attendee Danie did…

“Thank you for the course, I found it informative, engaging and fascinating and can’t wait to apply what I have learned.  Amazingly, 3 days after doing the course I am already pitching presentation skills training to a school on Monday. I approached them straight away when we finished the course on Wednesday and they responded with excitement!  They’ve asked me to consider not only coaching their students as a virtual after-school public speaking club but also their teachers – amazing!”

Danie Myers, Executive Coach

How do I found out more?

Book in a free consultation call with me by emailing me at [email protected] or calling my mobile on 0773 605 1566 so we can arrange a time to chat and explore whether this is a good career option for you.

By Carrie Swift, Founder, Love Public Speaking

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