Draw your timeline: create your own future

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People go to fortune tellers, read tarot cards and palms trying to find out what fate awaits them. You can take a look at your life to date then plan for all the good things that can happen. Taking stock of your emotional rollercoaster helps you understand that good times can follow hard times. When you are completing your timeline, be ambitious and brave in your plans for the future. Think big!

Create your own timeline

Draw a pencil line that traces your state of mind through the years since you have been an adult. Do it instinctively, thinking about happy times and challenging moments in those years. Label the highs and lows with events you can remember.

Now add the next 5 years and place some landmark events in that you would like to achieve.

Here is an example:

The simple exercise of writing things down and assigning dates plants them firmly into your unconscious brain, so you begin working towards them unconsciously – as well as consciously! Watch how things spookily come true….

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