How much does it cost to become a LPS Partner (franchisee)?

The standard monthly fee which includes access to fortnightly sales training sessions is £100 per month license fee and a 25% commission fee to Love Public Speaking on sales you make.  This is Option A in the first tab of our Online LPS Partner Earnings Calculator.

There is a second option for people who do not need the fortnightly sales training sessions which is £300 per month and a 15% commission fee to Love Public Speaking on sales you make.  You can see Option B in the second tab of our Online LPS Partner Earnings Calculator.

What are the benefits of becoming a Partner rather than setting up my own presentation skills training brand?

  • You will be able to charge higher rates because you can draw on the credibility of the Love Public Speaking brand
  • You will be able to train to deliver a variety of new courses – we produce new courses every year to stay ahead of the curve
  • You will receive professional sales support
  • You will have admin systems set up already (e.g. booking forms, course feedback surveys etc)
  • You will be given a website and marketing materials to use (the website is optional – you can still use your own if you already have one)
  • You will become part of a community of Presentation Skills Coaches where you will receive peer support, attend events, share ideas and grow your skills

I’m worried about selling as I’ve never sold before.  How much help will I get?

If you opt for our standard franchise agreement you will have weekly sales mentoring support from us including fortnightly virtual workshops on how to make sales and Q&A sessions with CEO, Carrie Swift.  This training will include how to use our marketing materials to sell, how to use LinkedIn to reach out to new clients, how to lead phone consultations with prospective clients, and so on.

What are the other courses that I can train in if I become a franchisee?

You can see a list of other courses you can learn to deliver here.

Can I put my own spin on the courses?

We will train you to deliver our courses using (1) set speaking exercises (2) written resources that come with the training programme (2) a small number of PowerPoint slides which you can add extra slides to if you wish to.  There is a standardised course outline, but you can put your own spin on it so that it feels comfortable to you when you’re delivering it.

Can I do other work alongside this job?

Yes – you can work as many or as few hours as you want as a Love Public Speaking Partner.

Can I design and sell my own courses as well as being a Love Public Speaking Partner?

Yes. If they are on topics unrelated to communications training (for example, a course on Health and Safety) then you can sell that course from you as an independent consultant rather than under the Love Public Speaking brand.

If you want to sell a course that falls under the banner of communication training (for example, a course on how to lead successful cross-cultural team meetings) then you can design a course and sell it as Love Public Speaking course. This course would need to be co-developed with us to ensure it is in line with our training style and Love Public Speaking will own the intellectual property. However, as you co-designed the course, you will be able to generate extra revenue by (1) training other LPS Partners in delivering the course and (2) earning royalties every time our LPS Partners sell it to their clients.

I think I will be able to sell more training than I can handle.  Can I hire other LPS franchisees and have them work under me and take a profit?

Currently we do not have this set up, but you can scale your revenue by creating passive income streams by designing courses (see above).

I want to work in a specific sector – can you help me get into this?

Yes – if you want to work in pharmaceuticals, for example, we can mentor you on designing a marketing plan to access this market.

How does the Training Jobs Board work?

The jobs board is another way of earning money as a LPS Partner.  Love Public Speaking HQ will add new jobs to the jobs board and you can click a button to apply for the job.  In this case, Love Public Speaking has acquired the client so there are standardised fees that you will receive: £750 for a day of face-to-face training, £550 for a day of virtual training and £110 per 75-minute private coaching session.

The deal is: when you win the client, you’ll take the lion’s share of the fee and when Love Public Speaking wins the client, it works the other way around.

Is it ok that I’m based in another country?

Yes.  If you’re in a country where there is currently limited provision of presentation skills training, it may be an excellent opportunity for you to fill a gap in the market.

What’s the minimum term I can sign up for as a LPS Partner?

The minimum term you can sign up for is 2 years.  This is so that we have enough time together to help you become successful in making sales and earning a good living from being a Love Public Speaking Partner.  Our business only works if you’re successful, so we want you to enjoy it and make a good living!

What happens if I want to exit?

You can exit the franchise at any time with a 3-month notice period.  There is a non-compete clause which is outlined in your contract as a LPS Partner. Please email [email protected] if you would like know further details of the legal obligations of the Franchise Agreement.

Do I need to decide now whether I want to become a LPS Partner or can I find out more later?

There is no rush to decide now.  In order to become a franchisee you would first need to attend our Become a Presentation Skills Coach course so you can find out more about us and the opportunity on this course.

How much should I charge as an LPS Partner?

We can make recommendations on what you can charge on your level of experience.  Our minimum day rate is £2000 + VAT and some more experienced Partners can charge up to £5000 + VAT per day.  Explore what you can learn in our Online LPS Partner Earnings Calculator.

Why do I have to pay a monthly license fee – what does this pay for?

This pays for your right to use our course content and materials and various other documentation you will need as a Love Public Speaking Partner such as booking forms for clients feedback surveys, Terms and Conditions, and so on.

Why does LPS take a commission on my sales?

This covers the cost of professional sales training we provide to help you make training sales and management of the LPS Partners community where you can receive additional support from peers and our CEO, Carrie Swift.

Since we are taking a commission on your sales, it means we are invested in your success as a LPS Partner.  Our financial success depends on your financial success, so we will be continually improving our support to help you make more sales.

What happens if I’m already a presentation skills coach?

It’s fine if you already work as a presentation skills coach, but by becoming a LPS Partner you will begin selling presentation skills coaching under the Love Public Speaking brand rather than under your own brand.

What if I only want to deliver virtual training?

It’s fine if you choose to only sell virtual training, or accept virtual training jobs from the Training Jobs Board.

How quickly can I start making an income?

You can start making an income as soon as you pass the assessment to become a franchisee and receive the materials from us (your LPS Partner website, business card and marketing materials) to start selling.  Our goal is that you can get up and running straight away.

What is the assessment that I need to pass to become a LPS Partner?

In order to take part in the application process, you will first need either 3 years’ experience of working as a corporate trainer or 3 years’ experience of being in a management role in a professional environment.

For the application process, we ask you to submit a 300-word personal statement about why you want to become a LPS Partner and you will be observed delivering (1) a 2-hour presentation skills workshop and (2) a 1-hour private coaching session.

If you’re not sure whether you will pass the assessment and you want to know whether you are likely to pass before you book the Become a Presentation Skills Coach course, you can take part in our online Pre-Course Assessment.  Please email [email protected] for further details.

How do the payments work?

For the monthly license fee: we will invoice you on a monthly basis.

For training sales you make: each time you make a sale, you will log it in our system and raise your own invoice (we will provide a system and training to teach you how to do this).  The system will track the cumulative commission owed to Love Public Speaking HQ and each month we will invoice you this amount.

For work on the jobs training board: you will invoice us after the training has been delivered and we will pay within 14 days.

Is it possible to pay for the Become a Presentation Skills Coach in parts?

Yes – you can pay for the course in 1, 2 or 3 parts to break up the cost.  Please email [email protected] if you need to do this.