Furlough Interview Challenge: join us!

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Despite what non-furloughed workers might think, it’s not easy being furloughed.  Our furlouged subscribers tell us they are feeling left behind their colleagues, bored, purposeless and beginning to lose confidence.  One of their biggest concerns is whether they’re still going to have a job once we beging to come out of lockdown.

With that in mind, we’ve launched a Furlough Interview Challenge to help you get busy, motivated and pick up some new skills with the chance to win some free presentation skills coaching!

This is where you will take on the challenge of sending us a video of yourself answering the following 3 interview questions:

1. What are your 3 greatest strengths that make you the right person for your current (or next) job?

2. What lessons have you learnt during lockdown that will make you a better employee?

3. How do you predict COVID-19 will impact your sector in years to come?

We want to support furloughed workers during this period, so for the first 10 videos we receive, we’ll provide expert feedback over a FREE video coaching session where we’ll coach you on your interview technique, gravitas and presentation style.

Here’s how to record the video:

  • Record your answers sitting down, with the camera at your eye line
  • Start the video by briefly introducing yourself and telling us your occupation
  • Then begin each answer with “In answer to question number (x)…”

Submit your videos to [email protected] – entries open on Monday 18th May and deadline is 5.30pm on Friday 22nd May 2020.

We look forward to receiving your video, and here’s hoping it makes the first ten – but even if it doesn’t, it’s still worth doing to get some interview practice in….

Good luck!!!

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