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It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 4 months since the launch of Love Public Speaking. It’s been quite a journey already – and a worthwhile one, because every day we help people overcome their fear of public speaking.  So far, we’ve helped over 120 people on their journey to becoming a confident public speaker. It is amazing to see the shift in people’s confidence when they face their fears.

Love Public Speaking was founded because up until 5 years ago I had a debilitating fear of public speaking that was really holding me back. Even though I was outwardly confident, working as the Director of a conference business, I would freeze at the thought of having to speak to audiences. It didn’t matter if I was delivering a presentation to the Executive Board or speaking to an audience of 500 people. The night before a presentation I always lay awake worrying about it – and spent way too much time preparing, every time.

The problem spilled over into my private life, as my friends were starting to get married and I kept being asked to give speeches. Here is me giving a speech at my best friend’s wedding – the bit the photo doesn’t reveal is quite how tightly I am clinging to my notes!!

It took me five years to crack my fear of public speaking. It was hard work, but worth it – I built my confidence by attending various public speaking groups around London. I am now proud to say I can do it well. In fact.. I love it!


What I’ve learnt:

  • Overcoming public speaking fear takes more than practising a few speaking techniques
  • To see a real shift in how you present, you have to change the way you FEEL about public speaking
  • It is possible to learn to enjoy it, and it is only when you reach this point that you get a REAL connection with your audience

That’s why our courses tackle nerves at a deeper level, as well as teaching you speaking techniques. I have designed our courses with painstaking levels of research, testing and feedback to ensure that:

  • 80% of the day is spent speaking, rather than listening
  • You break negative associations with public speaking using techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • You continue your public speaking journey through follow up support, so that you see a real shift in your presenting style

I hope you’ll begin you public speaking journey soon, because life is too short for fear of public speaking.

“Our largest fear carries our greatest growth.”

– McCrary

To get started, learn about our workshops or read client testimonials.

This article was written by Carrie Swift.

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