Mood monitor: what’s your default setting?

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Use a paper clip to slide along your mood monitor to track your moods and find out your default setting.
Practise metacognition by reflecting on your state of mind. Do this every day to start off with, and note down how your state of mind changes. Start to note how your mood changes at the weekend or at different times of the day.

Think about what makes you happy and sad. Be prepared to tweak your thinking to change your mood:

• Try deliberately changing your mood and acting ‘as if’ you are happy or excited.
• Try writing down what makes you happy or sad. Keep a record of any patterns you notice.
• Try putting other people in a good mood – and see how that affects your mood.

Keep a mood diary for a few days. Make a list of all the things that put you in a great mood. Try doing them more often.
When you have done this for a few weeks, you will be able to take control of your mood much more easily without monitoring your thinking.

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