Level 1 Course: Setting yourself free by overcoming a fear of public speaking

Changing how you feel about public speaking and developing your speaking technique

This one-day course is designed for people who want to overcome fear of public speaking to become a confident and engaging presenter.

In a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment, you’ll pick up practical techniques for managing nerves and building your confidence. We’ll explore how and why public speaking is so nerve-wracking (and how much more common it is than you think!) before giving you practical strategies for overcoming stage fright.

Drawing on techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and mindfulness, we’ll help you change your ‘self-talk’ around public speaking and break existing negative associations.

Before you take part in any speaking exercises, you’ll take part in a positive visualisation exercise to get you relaxed and ‘in the zone’. You’ll take away your own audio copy of this to listen to at home next time you’ve got an important presentation or meeting coming up.

Through gentle speaking exercises with other people who are building their confidence, you’ll practice using body language and voice techniques to engage your audience and build rapport. You’ll learn the habits of powerful speakers and how to ooze confidence on stage.

In the afternoon, we’ll explore how to structure a presentation so that it has a lasting impact, and you’ll pick up practical tips for how to mentally and physically prepare in the days leading up to a public speaking event.

Finally, we’ll set some goals together to make sure you continue your public speaking journey, and keep up the practice. We encourage you to swap contact details with other delegates on the course so you can form a peer group and support each other in meeting your goals after the course.

We’ll finish the day on a confidence-building meditation session to leave you feeling 100% ready for your next public speaking opportunity!


• A 15 minute positive visualisation audio
• A goal-setting action plan to develop your public speaking skills over the next 6 months
• A hard back copy of GROW – a book on managing your thinking to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure
Course handbook with practical tips and advice


Not sure? Give us a call on 0207 525 9501 and we’ll tell you more about the course, or give you some advice on how we can best help you develop your public speaking skills.

FAQS about the course and what’s covered


10.00am — Course opens

  • Understanding stage fright and how to control the fight or flight response
  • Reprogramming how you feel about public speaking
  • 15 minute positive visualisation exercise
  • Techniques for cultivating charisma on stage and getting your message across: body language, voice and content

13.00 — Lunch

  • How to structure a presentation to maximise audience impact
  • 10 practical tips to help you prepare mentally and physically in the week before a presentation
  • Goal-setting exercise: 6 month plan
  • Confidence-building meditation session

16.30 — Course ends

Course Dates